Max Goose in Temples & Treasures

Max Goose is an adventurer that gets sent back through time to collect ancient artefacts in Egypt before they get looted. The game consists of 4 maps, Abu Simbel, The temple of Hatshepsut, the Pyramid of Gizeh and the Karnak Temple that are copies of the real area’s.



Max Goose


First person adventure


The old Egypt


Adventurous Egypt.

Target devices:


Poly limit:

My roles:

As low as possible.

Art lead 3D artist 2D artist
QA Gamedesign Project Lead
Software used
3DSmax Photoshop Unity After Effects Premiere
Max Goose

"DVD cover"

Max Goose


Karnak Temple

Max GooseMax Goose

"The obelisks at the Karnak temple"

Max Goose

"Volume light in the temple"

Max Goose

"Outdoor near the Sphynxes"

The deadtemple of hatshepsut

Max Goose

"Outdoor area"

Max Goose


Max Goose

"Dodge the axes"

Abu Simbel

Max Goose


Max Goose

"The statues of Abu simbel"

Max Goose

"Jump tiles"

The pyramid of Cheops

Max Goose

"The great pyramid"

Max Goose

"Timed running will dodge the spikes"

Max Goose


Max Goose

"Indiana jones style ball comes rolling"

Max Goose

"Indoor hallway"